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Thoughts on Generative AI Art - tante.cc

Tantes article is well worth your time:

(…) Everybody would love to be an artist. It’s generally seen to be a positive quality to be creative, expressive. But it used to mean at least some commitment, some doing of the work. No longer. If you can think it, some “AI” can generate it. A cat playing minecraft while debating Socrates? Sure thing, here’s 10 versions of it. (…) How liberating, isn’t it? Art is democratized! “Creative privilege” (yes I have seen that batshit term seen being used earnestly) destroyed!
But all we have done is created a machine that you can give your “idea” and it returns the most average milktoast representation of it. Your reaction of “this is exactly what I imagined” says more about the long road ahead that that idea still needed to go than about how good these systems are.

Just yesterday during our daily walk I discussed the impact of "AI" on 'creative' jobs with my friend Oli, and it very quickly turned into a discussion about what is seen as 'creative' in the industry (hello 'content creators', hello stock photography or -illustration, hello marketing lingo) vs. 'true' creativity, and this is exactly what Tante is pointing out in this article.
I think AI has the potential to burn through all these 'hollow' pseudo creative jobs, and it remains to be seen if the value of 'true' creativity (and art) finally will have its place in the so called creative industries. I suspect the 'idea guys' never valued creativity, and one can only speculate if the exploited creatives of the past are now set free because AI takes over in those simulations of creativity, or if they lose the income for those industry jobs that never really valued their creativity anyway.

.guitars Domain Blues

Link to post .guitars Domain Blues

For years now I have a website dedicated to a certain breed of electrical guitars, dubbed the "off-set waist" or short "offset" guitars. In my case, this covers the Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster models, but the term includes other brands as well and over the years several other models share the "offset" body form. I…


Indiewebcamp sign at the fence to the Tollwerk building

Today I used the Activitypub Plugin by @pfefferle to make this website a part of the fediverse. For example, you now can follow my blog on Mastodon by searching for "@blog@webrocker.de", and you should receive my posts directly in your home stream. The implementation was fairly easy, I only had some initial issues with the…

Border:None 2023

A look from the back of the venue towards the stage, a room filled with people and a screen saying Border None: Good Morning

Ten years ago, the first Border:None Conference happened in Nuremberg. And ten years later, Joschi and Marc had the idea to invite back all the speakers, with the topic of how and what changed in those ten years. Ten years ago, this was a one day event. This time, Joschi and Marc decided that, also…

The Power of Music

Frau mit Gitarre auf Bühne, angeleuchtet im dunkelblauen Raum

A beautiful voice, a guitar and good songs - sometimes this is all that is needed to have a room full of people hypnotized. Vanessa Peters, opening for Nina Persson & James Yorkston at Brotfabrik, Frankfurt on 21st Oct 2023.

WordPress sitemap.xml trimmen

Link to post WordPress sitemap.xml trimmen

Oha, da habe ich gerade nicht schlecht gestaunt. Die seit WordPress 5.5 automatisch erstellte und unter /sitemap.xml erreichbare Sitemap für "Inhalt besser für Suchmaschinen sichtbar machen" listet unter anderem auch die Autoren Seiten auf und "verrät" dabei so nebenher die Usernamen, weil die in der URL stehen. Das ist nun, ähm, ein wenig doof, wenn…

Immigrant Song - Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Link to post Immigrant Song - Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Die perfekte Coverversion gibt es ni… Oof. Trent Reznor mit Karen O und Atticus Ross machen aus einem perfekten Song einen auf andere Art perfekten Song. Dark.

WordPress.com blogs can now be followed on Mastodon and other federated platforms

Link to post WordPress.com blogs can now be followed on Mastodon and other federated platforms

#mahsaday Benefizkonzert in Frankfurt/Bornheim

Poster Woman Life Freedom

Hups, ich komme gerade von den Vorbereitungen/Aufbauarbeiten aus der Johnanniskirche zurück, und langsam wird aus der Vorfreude auf das Konzert und unseren Auftritt mit CORDUROY handfestes Lampenfieber. Wir können momentan nicht einschätzen, ob die Kirche voll wird oder nicht, aber so aus den Reaktionen der letzten Wochen könnte das eine größere Sache werden -- mit…

WordPress 6.3 "Lionel"

Link to post WordPress 6.3 "Lionel"

Da ist sie nun: Die nächste 'große' WordPress Version, 6.3., ein 'momentous release', das den Block Editor und Full Site Editing weiter ausbaut und PHP5 hinter sich lässt. Ich bin ja immer noch der Meinung, dass ein sehr großer Teil der WP-betriebenen Websites da draussen weniger 'creative expression' sondern mehr gutes Content Management benötigen, aber…


Heute ist seit langem mal wieder ein Sommertag nach meinem Geschmack: Leichter Wind, nicht ganz so heiss wie in der letzten Woche und sogar noch ein paar Pfützen vom nächtlichen Regen. Daher gab es endlich mal wieder eine etwas ausgedehntere #TageslichtRunde, über den Frankfurter Bogen raus in die Felder am Heilsberg und dann über den…

Design in the Browser!

I nearly missed this article by Matthias Ott - The New CSS: Hear hear! Using graphic design / layout tools to 'design' user interfaces is a misconception. Those tools are wonderful to create artifacts to get into the discussion how a website may 'look', and to a lesser extend how it 'behaves'. But often those…