He knew his colors and shapes, he learned more than 100 English words, and with his own brand of one-liners he established himself in television shows, scientific reports and news articles as perhaps the world’s most famous talking bird.

New York Times - Brainy Parrot dies, Emotive to the End


Can you live in a city, without a refrigerator? Some green pioneers think so, and have been blogging their progress

More Intelligent Life - Don't Fight Room Temperature


(...) We argued that this violated the First Amendment because people could no longer use these works for their own creative expression. As an example, our community orchestra and conductor clients could no longer freely play compositions to which they had purchased the sheet music and learned, and our film collector and preservationist clients could no longer show or make restored copies of films in their archives.

wired - Free Speech Sometimes Trumps Copyright


Middle England is none too pleased with a Home Office campaign aimed at "reminding 'holiday virgins' to apply for their passports in good time to avoid missing out on the fun of a first parent-free holiday".

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Kunden des Providers Arcor können auf eine ganze Reihe von Porno-Angeboten im Internet nicht mehr zugreifen. Auf Anfrage von heise online bestätigte Unternehmenssprecher Paul Gerlach, dass diverse Seiten nicht mehr aus dem Arcor-Netz erreichbar seien. In den betreffenden Angeboten seien "pornografische Inhalte ohne – oder ohne ausreichende – Altersverifikation frei zugänglich".

heise - Arcor sperrt Zugriff auf Porno-Seiten