Ohmygod, so lange ist das schon wieder her?! Vor nunmehr 25 Jahren erschien "This Is Spinal Tap" - DER Film für Musiker überhaupt.

Vanity Fair hat ein feines Interview mit den alten Recken:

(...) Tufnel: (...) My interests have changed. I’ve been breeding miniature horses. The very small ones, even smaller than the Mongolian horses, it turns out. And trying to find a business venture where I would race them. But I’m trying to find jockeys that are basically 26, 28 inches tall—and that’s been a problem, actually. (...) I was captivated by these little horses, they’re so sweet. They don’t run terribly fast … but from an environmental standpoint it’s great, because they’re using less of everything.

Derek Smalls: Well, it’s less horseshit.

Tufnel: Less horseshit. Less grass in the infield … Less dirt. Saddles are smaller—less leather. Less money, it turns out, because no one actually wants to see it. Less interest. It’s a less is more.

Hehe. Wenn ich den Film nicht sowieso mindestens einmal pro Jahr sehen würde, jetzt wäre definitiv der Zeitpunkt gekommen, ihn erneut anzusehen. Mit Lautstärke auf Eleven, natürlich.

(via Aussensaiterforum)