Newfangled, a webdevelopment studio with offices in North Carolina and Rhode Island, interviewed about 300 small agencies about their digital marketing practises.

Last month, we began a survey of the digital marketing practices of small agencies in the United States and elsewhere. The survey contained 132 questions, covering the operations, business practices, websites, content marketing, social media, web development and sales practices of participating firms. The survey respondents provided us with a huge amount of information, which we've organized, analyzed and prepared to share with you below.

This is interesting:

59% of the small agencies interviewed are not happy with the current state of their website,
94% see it as an integral part of their marketing plan,
62% had it build in-house,
81% plan to rebuild it in-house

So if it is an integral part of your marketing plan and you built it for yourself (which is a key part of your services for clients I suppose), so how come you're not happy with it?
Maybe there's a business opportunity. Why not cross-design? Have another agency build your website and vice-versa. Almost everyone I know struggles when it comes to work for him/herself, which may be the reason why your own website is not as good as the websites you build for others…