• going to see tracer tonite. lets rock. \m/ http://t.co/kBYiHJJw #
  • having fun with the screenshot command in firefox 16 developer command line. this rocks big big time. #
  • wow the screenshot command is cool “@robertnyman: The New Firefox Command Line for Developers in Firefox 16 -
    https://t.co/vMX0qxUJ #
  • jawiedennnu http://t.co/Yhv9I42a #
  • bin ich zu morgenblöd oder kann der twitter ipad client keine leute-in-liste-aufnehmen funktion? #
  • (^blog) Rocktober 10: Triggerfinger - It Hasn't Gone Away http://t.co/v1GReyFn #rocktober #fb #
  • a picture, stronger than words. “@wired: Whatever You Do, Startup CFO, Don't Pull a Facebook http://t.co/dVtl3pOA#