Über fünf Ecken bin ich durch Zufall auf dieses Projekt gestossen: Die Pierpont Morgan Library in New York hat zwei mittelalterliche Bücher komplett digitalisiert und online gestellt.

[…] The endeavor focuses on one single work: the lavishly and whimsically illuminated, two-volume li- turgical manuscript known as the Geese Book. Produced in Nuremberg, Germany between 1503 and 1510, this gradual preserves the complete mass liturgy compiled for the parish of St. Lorenz, as it was sung by the choir of school boys and young men before the Reformation was introduced in the city in 1525. In 1962 the Samuel H. Kress Foundation gave this work to the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, where it remains today. Measuring 65 by 44 cm, the volumes are the largest in the collection. Today they are particularly valued for their high quality illuminations, several of which employ fan- ciful and provocative satirical imagery. The book takes its name from an enigmatic, self-referential, bas-de-page illustration that shows a choir of geese and a fox singing from a large chant manuscript with a wolf as their choirmaster. […]

Das sind so Momente, wo ich gerne in Latein besser aufgepasst hätte und mir wünsche, ich könnte gotische Minuskeln mit ihren Auslassungszeichen einfach so lesen. :-)

Aber auch nur den Seitenaufbau und die Details in den Initialen anzuschauen, ist schon begeisternd genug.