Sitting in my hotel room, watching the sun rise, while some people are having a good time at a party that's happening right next to the hotel…

The bass penetrates everything, walls, windows, even my ear plugs. So, why not use this early hour and reflect on the topics and discussions that happened yesterday?

The discussion around having your website kind of your identity provider, with ways of having your complete 'web output' there, notes, photos, whatnot, and still retaining some kind of 'separate' identities for different relations like a 'professional profile' or for sports/hobby related acquaintance is very interesting to me. Do I want to have all the stuff that I am putting out in the web be easily available for all of my different contacts and peer groups? Is my then central web identity page of use for, say, friends as opposed to possible or current clients? Is this personal/professional identity split important? Will the seperation blur anyways? I am undecided. Theoretically all of my output is out there in the web, and if someone takes the pain of researching and digging, they will find the stuff and can connect the dots. But would somebody who's primarily interested in my professional offerings be put off, if at the same location very personal, goofy, funny, unrelated things are happening? Hm.

The other topic was the session about internationalization, which didn't happen b/c people were more interested in the performance topic which ran parallel. But reading up on what was discussed in the Indiewebcamp IRC channel, I think I found what I want/need to do today: Finding a way to mark up posts like this one here, which is written in english, even though most of the stuff I'm writing here on my site is in German. Currently I don't have any of the 'true' multilanguage solutions, but I thought having this category 'English', and applying it to posts accordingly would be a good start/entry point for visitors not interested in all of the german posts.
Since I already have this, enhancing posts having that category with meta/micro data/formats denoting the language used should be not too difficult.

Sounds like a plan for today :)


- Currently tackling the language markup thing, while also sending out webmentions for testing purposes: for example one for Matthias, who is fiddling with craft CMS :-) and another one over to this post by Jeremy where I sneakered in.
And looking at what a surprise "pizza" some of the Indiewebcamp crowd were served, I'm quite glad that Raquel, Joshi, Jeremy, and Keith had to waiiiiit for that extremly tasty ramen at Takumi. :-)
- Right now in the process of getting "image" posts to be published on flickr, too.