Matthias wrote a nice summary of this year's Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Düsseldorf:

[…] During the four days at the IndieWebCamp and beyond tellerand, I got to know so many nice and interesting people, and enjoyed the most diverse and inspiring talks, so that I left Düsseldorf deeply satisfied and full of new ideas (although they are only new combinations of old ones…). Thanks to everyone I had the chance to meet!

Since my first visit of this conference six years ago, this impression has deepened; the way (then) total strangers welcomed me at the first evening's warm-up, the friendly atmosphere between the talks, all this was not the exception but turned out to be the rule. And with each iteration, I got to meet and befriend more people. I wish I had started visiting conferences earlier, maybe it could hav esaved me from a long stretch of self-doubt and frustration about the obstacles and problems that everybody in our field experiences. For a long time I thought it was only my experience.
So, yay, people, go out of your setting and if you can make it, attend BTConf :)