#catember 8 - reasons.to remix

Day 8 of #catember is a "thank you" for @johnnybelmont and the team that set up such an amazing program for the tenth aniversary of the "reasons.to" conference. And of course to the speakers as well.

I'm very glad that I finally made it to Bighton to attend this 3day monster of a conference, it was well worth it. I should have listened more closely to @marcthieles advice at every of the last five years' @beyondtellerand conferences: Go. See. This. Conference. If. You. Like. My. Conference. Well, Marc, thank you for that, good advice.

Currently my head is too full to comprehend all the ideas and the input that I was exposed to, and I definetly wished I was less of an introvert when it comes to chat up people that I don't know, because so many different and interesting people formed the audience there. But considering how fast the last three days flew by, it can only mean I had a very good time.

Being an illustrator at heart, a graphic designer by education and a web developer for the last 20 years, the mixture of beautiful art, lettering, illustration and clever code stimulates all of my sensors.
I don't know what I'll take out of all this, but two things are set: I will play around again and some more with Processing and I will try to work with oil paint.

But for now, I will come down a bit, look over the sea, feel the breeze and relax.
And draw some more cat-like creatures. :)