For the past year(s) I’ve been chasing for answers. Looking for new tools, thinking about design processes and figuring out what design really means to me. At times I’ve felt so disconnected with our pro­cesses that I’ve wondered if my career choice was right.
For a field rooted in the fine arts this period of change has been increasingly hard and is about to get even harder. We’ve moved away from designing static pages to creating digital systems of components, but we’ve done that mostly by using the same static design tools like Illustrator, Sketch, or even Figma. Tools that haven’t changed on a fundamental level in the past three decades. (…)

This is a post I wished every designer reads, understand, thinks about, especially the ones coming from a traditional background and who think that "web"sites need only to be "programmed", after the "design" has been handed over, or even better, had been already agreed upon by looking at pictures of web sites.