This is my favorite talk from this year’s Dusseldorf edition of my favorite conference. Which was brimming with great talks, and to be fair, this “this is my favorite yaddayadda” is highly personal, and a short survey among attending friends showed that one person’s highlight didn’t impress another one and vice versa. Which is the secret sauce of the Beyond Tellerrand mixture (aside from the wonderful Tobi Lessnow of course).

So do yourself a favor and watch all of of the videos that already are online for your viewing pleasure.

I like this talk by Espen Brunborg so much because it demonstrates its topic while you are listening to it. So not only you’ll learn about the power of rhythm, timing, meeting or not meeting expectations, but at the same time you’ll feel it. And this is exactly what the talk is about. The ‘e’ in experience stands for ‘experience’. Or exitement? And it has a drumming Gorilla in it. And God, Ethan Marcotte, and the secrets of how mankind screwed up his creation.