Our office dog, looking quite surprised while seemingly wearing a blue beanie hat

Once again it is time to show some love for Web Standards.
Ten years ago, the "Blue Beanie Day" was invented, and if you are wondering how on earth wearing a blue knitted hat helps the Web Standard movement, well,

Is this silly or serious? Seems to me, it’s a bit of both. If enough people do it on enough social networks, it might even raise web standards awareness in a small but positive way. (As opposed to, say, busting people for a validation error, which, surprisingly, doesn’t win you their love.)

it certainly does no harm, keeps the head warm on this late November day and it is one of those days where you can spot like-minded folks without having to look at their laptop stickers.

Even our studio's dog approves (pictured above), and she's usually rather web dev agnostic.

[Update 1] For those who need a little more context; in 2003 Jeffrey Zeldman authored a book "Designing with Web Standards", featuring a prominent view of his blue beanie, so, well, there you go.
[Update 2] yes, our dog is trained to sniff bloated bootstrap code, and this is the face she makes then.