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I've been following Jens' output for over a decade now. Not regulary, but every now and then some of his smart observations and thoughts surface in my information stream.
So I was excited to see his name in the speakers list, and his talk about the pros and cons of being a web worker did resonate with me.

So thank you Jens, for reminding me why I am doing this for two decades now. And again, that I am not alone, even though I often feel isolated when working in clients work, feeling like I am the lone champion of the web's core strengths, fencing off the occasinal short sighted ideas that harm the user but look good on paper or in a presentation. But also thank you for the reminder to not let the feeling of entitlement (esp. after spending several years with constant learning and adaptation to an ever growing complex field) get in the way by lessening the input and value of supposedly 'short sighted ideas that…' (to quote myself, ahem).