(or: a hurray for open source)

Wow, what a headline! :-))

There was a tiny issue with the display of "webmention" reactions in my theme that annoyed me a little bit: On older posts, the summary of that post (for example in archive view or search results) would show in the meta-info something like "23 reactions" when this post had received comments or webmentions from other sources, like reposts or likes. but on the detail view, only comments were shown and the ammount of (visible) reactions didn't match the number stated in the meta-info. I have activated a WordPress default feature to disable comments after a couple of weeks automatically, since most comments coming in on old(er) posts used to be like 99.9% spam.

Now what happened on these older post with disabled comments and already received webmentions: Only comments were displayed, but the ammount of webmentions/reactions were counted and displayed in the meta-info. Which led to some posts who had only received webmentions to be "announced" with "23 reactions", but then, on the post's detail page, nothing regarding the webmentions showed -- which slightly puzzled me.

For quite a while that puzzlement was not enough to actually have a look why this was happening, but two days ago I tried to find what was causing this.
And after I thought I had an idea why this was happening (but no means to fix it by myself), I created an issue in the Semantic Linkback github, not really expecting a reaction since this issue seemed rather special, only showing when several factors like disabled comments and already received mentions came together…
but once again open source surprised me -- only a day later the issue had been fixed, a new version released and NOW MY FRICKING FACEPILES are back even on older posts! Ha!

Lots of love once again to Matthias (notiz.blog, @pfefferle) and all his work in and around the indieweb tools.

And once again this shows me: No matter how small or unimportant things seem to me, it is worth to put in some time and effort, and the outcome may very well be positivly surprising.