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Is this talk the reason why WordPress 5.0 was released while its main new component, the Gutenberg editor, is regarded as not really production-ready by many?

When a big company like Automattic decides to prioritize a deadline they pluck out of thin air over enabling people with impairments to use the editor that they will be forced to use it is absolutely shocking. Even more shocking is the message that it sends out that accessibility compliance is not as important as flashy new features

The figures Matt presents in this talk are impressive, the features and the vision as well.
Yet, in the first 40 minutes of the talk he mentioned accessibility only one time - in a side note regarding the possibility to install the 'Classic Editor' plugin for users with assistive technologies.

(…) Most fundamentally, accessibility was not incorporated from the start. Not in the project specification, not in the design phase, and not in the definition of done. Gutenberg was always going to be playing catch-up with accessibility, forcing it into a pain point of the project owners’ own creation. (…)

And to participate in the future version of WordPress, JavaScript knowledge and the fluency in the JS stack (build systems, frameworks) will be essential.
I am very curious how this will play out, and what influence this will have on the web as a whole - with WordPress powering the majority of cms-driven websites wordwide, their decisions sure will have an impact, and already people start to look at what can be learned from the challenges and responses the project has been through until the release.