Hand showing the "rock" two finger salute in front of the chest , wearing the Spidergawd logo T-Shirt

Wow. I knew that this was going to be a great evening, having watched plenty of live footage on the intertubes before, and having their albums on heavy rotation for quite a while now.

But little did I know HOW GOOD this evening would turn out.

The Nachtleben is a small/mid-sized club at the heart of Frankfurt. On packed days, 300 people will fit in there, but the feel-good capacity is more like 200 - enough room to move and breath, but packed enough to give the band a good welcome, and I guess that's about the number of people that showed up yesterday. Which is no small feat, since the local soccer team, Eintracht Frankfurt, had an epochal Europe League game in Milano at the same time, and nearly everybody I knew of had plans to watch this game in a pub or sports bar or else.

But luckily the intersection between soccer-fans and fans of SPIDERGAWD is not too large, so while the Nachtleben wasn't sold out (like the Hannover leg of the tour), it was well-packed. There seemed to be some kind of confusion about the supporting act -- a special guest was announced and the official show start was planned at 20:00h, but it turned out that no supporting act was to be seen and SPIDERGAWD was about to start at 21:00h. In the end they started more like 20:45h and played almost 2hrs.

I won't go into the details, partly because I'm not that deep into their 5 albums song-by-song, and partly because from the first honk of the Baritone-sax, the Oooomph coming from the drop-tuned guitars / bass, and from the first dance of the drummer's sticks I was sucked into the music. Complex rhythms, sing-along-like two voiced guitar parts, backed by the sonor panes of deep noises from the sax and held together by the bass, topped with great vocals -- every song of the set topped the one before, so that the intensity and the fun of that gig kept on growing throughout the set.

Usually bands cannot keep this level of intenseness over the complete set -- SPIDERGAWD mananged to keep it, even through the not so in-your-face-ish moments.

This was one of the rare concerts where I was on my feet and swaying, dancing, headbanging and having an all-around good time from minute one to the encore.

And man, what is it with the air or the ground water in Trondheim that this spot on earth produces such an array of great bands?!

Thank you guys, this was a blast. <3


SPIDERGAWD on tour: 18.01.2019 - 30.03.2019

18.01.19 Røros (NO), Storstuggu
19.01.19 Hamar (NO), Gregers
24.01.19 Groningen (NL), Vera
25.01.19 Aarschot (NE), Jo De Klinker
26.01.19 Noordkade Veghel (NL), MOM Fest
27.01.19 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg Sugar Factory
07.02.19 Haugesund (NO), Flytten
08.02.19 Stavanger (NO), Folken
09.02.19 Kristiansand (NO), Teateret
15.02.19 Ålesund (NO), Terminalen
16.02.19 Trondheim (NO), Byscenen
21.02.19 Porsgrunn (NO), Ælvespeilet
22.02.19 Kongsberg (NO), Energimølla
23.02.19 Oslo (NO), Rockefeller
27.02.19 Mo I Rana (NO), Bråk
28.02.19 Bodø (NO), Sinus
01.03.19 Tromsø (NO), Driv
02.03.19 Bergen (NO), TBA
05.03.19 Odense (DK), Posten
07.03.19 Aalborg (DK), 1000 Fryd
08.03.19 Copenhagen (DK), Beta
09.03.19 Dortmund (DE), FZW
10.03.19 Bremen (DE), Tower
13.03.19 Hannover (DE), Lux
14.03.19 Frankfurt/Main (DE), Nachtleben
15.03.19 Bielefeld (DE), Forum w/ THULSA DOOM
16.03.19 Köln (DE), Luxor w/ THULSA DOOM
17.03.19 Karlsruhe (DE), Die Stadtmitte w/ THULSA DOOM
20.03.19 Winterthur (CH), Gaswerk w/ THULSA DOOM
21.03.19 Salzburg (AT), Rockhouse w/ THULSA DOOM
22.03.19 Vienna (AT), Arena w/ THULSA DOOM
23.03.19 Munich (DE), Strom w/ THULSA DOOM
26.03.19 Nürnberg (DE), Hirsch w/ THULSA DOOM
27.03.19 Leipzig (DE), UT Connewitz w/ THULSA DOOM
28.03.19 Hamburg (DE), Knust w/ THULSA DOOM
29.03.19 Dresden (DE), Beatpol w/ THULSA DOOM
30.03.19 Berlin (DE), Musik & Frieden w/ THULSA DOOM