Holgers story confirms my theory that everybody is sometimes everybody else's idiot client, no matter the general smartness:

(…) a huge realisation for me: I had been the worst client, or in this case, customer. The prototypical nightmare of designers, developers and everyone else who works with clients, I guess. I pulled a “Make my logo bigger” on a proud bar owner and “messed up” my drink. More importantly, I (unintentionally) disrespected his knowledge of the craft and “ruined” his creation. I cannot count the many times clients have told me that a design needs more space here or there, that a red is too red, or that their logo for sure needs to be bigger, of course.

If needed, my drink would have come with a cucumber.

Just yesterday I had a conversation about this and how over the recent years I work on my reception of those 'client' moments. To me, the 'disrespect' part is the most important one. But respect goes both ways. Why didn't the barkeeper tell about the reason he didn't put the cucumber in when he handed over the drink? Does he assume it's common knowledge?

Or is it the 'I am the expert, trust me and my (hidden to you) decisions' mindset, that we as designers and developers often carry with us?

What sets Holger apart from others (and most clients, to be honest), once realized, he readily accepts the expertise and his own lack of knowledge in that regard, and even offers an apology and willingly pays up.

That pin is well earned. ;)