If you want to know how it actually feels when your left brain is struggling with the right brain, treat yourself to a @thomyorke ANIMA show:
While your inner animal wants to move to the groove and the deceptively deep beats that are coming from Thom and Nigel Godrich, there's this little problem - there are a ton of different rhythmic layers in each song, and while your intellect still tries to grasp the logic, suddenly the great visuals (by Tarik Barri) will simply stun you in mid-thought. Then sometimes the rhythmic layers' interferences will form a huge wall of sound and beat, and your inner animal will shake its booty, shouting 'Shut up, left brain, let's dance!'. A little later the left brain comes around with 'WTF just happened?'

That was a great concert tonight \m/

Oh, and Thom showed - all electronica aside - some nice OffSetWaist love on stage, a Mustang bass and a Jazzmaster: