Please read this post on why there's not only a problem with this popular JS framework, but how it actually hurts 'the web' (that was, as Charlie put it).

Big Corporates twirled their non-existent mustaches and realized that it's easier to train people to use to work on a factory production line, learning a set of APIs, than it is to train them to see the Web as a precious resource that is inherently chaotic in nature (…)
The web community suddenly found itself being told how to do things by Thought Leaders and JavaScript visionaries. What was a plurality of technologies and platforms suddenly became an attempt to consolidate everything under a single platform.(…)
The popularity of React is fueled by corporate-sponsorship, a tech industry seeking validation by becoming Hard and Masculine, and aggressive Capitalist principles (validation through work, market dominance, a continuous supply of skilled Labor) that result in Things being placed before People.

It echoes my stance and resentiment against all client-side only JS 'app'ification, and that is even without the meta aspects about society and representation that Charly highlights.

Advocate for using the most simple solution to solve any given problem.
YES!! Amen to that.

But maybe that's because I'm old, like the web that was.

My sticker for Handcoding is killing frameworks, and it′s fun