Global Climate Strike 20-27 Sept

My site here will join the digital climate strike on this friday.

For this I made a small WordPress plugin that will display a placeholder page with infos on the ClimateStrike actions for all requests but for a list of urls that can be configured (for privacy policy and legal info pages) and the admin pages.

There is an 'official' WordPress plugin by Fight For The Future, too, and today I discovered another WordPress plugin by Frank Bueltge.

So, plenty options to chose from if you're on WordPress and want to show digital support for the global climate strike action this week. ✊

If you're using KirbyCMS, Sebastian Greger has you covered with a plugin that was the inspiration for my adaptation for WordPress.

There's also a widget for cms independent integration, that also can be made completely local-hosted, check out the repository for instructions.

But while doing this digitally is great for raising awareness, even better is if you take some time off the daily routine on friday and join the events that are held globally and show your support in person.

Use these tools, but use your feet, too.