Social Media wants your constant attention.
Social Media wants your time.
Social Media is stealing your time, time you could better be using for your creative work and/or well-being.
But Social Media also today is the way to advertise and display said work, and possibly get feedback, recognition even.
And once you have kind of build an audience, and the algorithms that power the Social Media feed are trained to "honor" engagement, you're more or less forced to constantly feed the feed. Or else you're invisible again, right?
So, less time for creating. And look, all the other great works that others are pushing out! Hurry. Hurry!

Kiki has some very good points on that.

I'm not sure I agree with the detox part, but from my own experience I can subscribe to that addictive waiting for reactions, for likes, for positive and witty comments and the increasing FOMO.

But Social Media - or at least Twitter - for me is also a source of inspiration and information, and I think I have found a relatively healthy way of usage (that's what all addicts tell themself, isn't it?)

I think the key is to always be mindful of the attention-seeking machine and its ways to connect with those parts of our brain that seek instant gratification, and be very careful to not binge out on the attention carousel.