Ethan Marcotte has published the slides and the transcript of his talk "The World Wide Work" on his own website, and this a very good reason to again listen…

for me, there was something magical about that moment. I mean, here’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee—the guy who created the World Wide Web!—standing in front of the world to proclaim that THIS IS FOR EVERYONE. And I think it really epitomized the way our industry thought of the Web: that it wasn’t just a communications network, it was an ideal. An ideal that said the promise of a free, open, universally-accessible network would connect people across the globe and, given time, improve the world.
We are absolutely on a new adventure, you and I. There’s so much work before us, work for us to design a better Web—one that works more equitably for all.
Individually, we are capable of brilliant things. But collectively? We are a wonder.

… to this important talk about the current mess state of our industry, and how not to dispair. It's a tough job, but we're in this, together.