Jeremy Keith's talk at Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2019 about the "layers of the web" (be sure to watch this!) inspired me to a quick css animation experiment on codepen:

See the Pen
Web Layers Of Pace
by Tom (@webrocker)
on CodePen.

Be sure to look at it in the full screen mode, the thing currently doesn't play very well in small spaces.

What I really like about this experiment (and the web, if done right, in general): By looking at it content-first, and chosing the semantic markup, there's still meaning conveyed, even if the whole CSS part is disabled. That, to me, is good (web) design, and fits the content of the idea that is being illustrated on a meta level, too. :)

I love to do (moaaar of) this whimsy stuff.

Update 16.11.2019: I now included some quotes of Jeremy to make this more useful when viewed non-visually.

Update 19.11.2019: Whee! The animation was featured in the "Picks" section of CodePen while I was sleeping :-))