This morning, my timeline on Twitter was full of pictures and remarks about Tesla's new "Cybertruck" with the futuristic and plain look, brutal even.
One of the first things that came to my under-coffeed mind then was "hm, this looks so angular, this was maybe designed with CSS?"

As one does, a tweet followed: "css challenge: draw - go"

And within an hour, Dirk (@faulancer) replied with a link to his cybertruck code pen, which made me laugh out loud :-))

Cybertruck by Dirk

In the meantime, I was working on my own answer to my "challenge"...

See the Pen
by Tom (@webrocker)
on CodePen.

... and guess what, both Dirk's and my codepens are on the front page of CodePen as I write this post! :-)

Screenshot of Codepen front page

Lets continue to make more "stupid" but funny and inspiring stuff.
I have a feeling that this whole web thing got wayyy too serious lately.


See the Pen
Single div CSS Tesla Cybertruck
by Lynn Fisher (@lynnandtonic)
on CodePen.