The Fender Discussion Pages have shut down right now, after being online for 20+ years.

Screenshot of the page, showing Simsons character Nelson's iconic 'Ha Ha'

This forum, not affiliated with the official Fender brand, was active since 1999 and one of my main sources when I got my first Fender Offset Guitar, a Jaguar, around that time. Info on these was so rare back then, that I collected any info I could find and created what later became the foundation of my tribute site.

I learned about the pending closing on the 27th December 2019, and immediatly submitted the urls to the several subforums to's waybackmachine.
I even coded a shell script for that, and seemingly it worked - there are now several snapshots from the 27th December available on the wayback machine, so at least some of the info and knowledge of the last 20 years is preserved.

Due to my interest in the offset Fenders, my main place there was the 'Jaguar and Jazzmaster' section, and several years ago a group of 'residents' created a dedicated new forum for that - the pages, which are thriving, parallel to the increasing output of Fender guitars of that flavor in the recent years.

There is a new forum on the rise, nicked 'Moe's Tavern 2.0' - currently in maintenance mode, but I created an account there already and am curious how this will turn out. I never was a regular in the original 'Moe's Tavern' section of the FDP, so we'll see.

For now all that's left to say is: Thank you Chris Greene for keeping this thing up and alive for two decades. It is sad to see a part of (my) web history go.