…this reminds me of designing and building for the Web: The unpredictability, the peculiarities of the material, the improvisation, the bugs, the happy accidents. There is one crucial difference, though. By using static wireframes and static layouts, by separating design and development, we are often limiting our ability to have that creative dialogue with the Web and its materials.

This. This. This.
This is what initially brought me to the early web; the improvisation, the bugs, the happy accidents the intersection of exciting new technology, not yet understood, and the excitement of actually seeing in the browser directly if what I tweaked in the html gibberish works or not… This naive playfulness matured, of course, and evolved with the growth of the web. But four some years now, "my" playground has been taken over by too much "serious programmer business". I very much hope for a silliness backlash. A more whimsical web.