for several weeks now I'm listening to the Danko Jones podcast, while I take a walk to catch some daylight and escape the self imposed social distancing hell that is home office.

Not only is Danko one of my favorite musicians and his band an all time favorite of mine since I saw them opening for… I think it was the Backyard Babies? The Hellacopters? nearly twenty years ago? I think they had just released I'm alive and on fire and/or Born A Lion on a Scandinavian Label. I went to see the show because I was very much into that Scandinavian Rock, but holy shit, Danko Jones owned that club after like 5 minutes of their 30mins opening slot. So if Danko Jones makes the effort and put forward some bands and musicians that in his view are great, which he does occasionally in his podcast, then I'm all ears.
And today I was listening to an older episode from this summer, and one band immediatly hit it of for me: Saint Agnes.

I mean, wow. I still have to listen to their other stuff, but that 'from the lockdown' thing you'll find on youtube alone is enough to put me on a shopping trip into their discography.

I hope that this covid-19 pandemic is under control sooner or later and that bands can go out on tour again and I can go visit concerts and club gigs again. And that there still are bands and clubs left to do so … :/