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Archiv für "März 2021"


Illustration eines Bibers mit Briefumschlag im Maul

Ich glaub ich muss der #Biberpost einmal Bescheid geben das es so nicht geht. Dann sollen sie lieber klingeln! pic.twitter.com/CHefUDonqi — Markus Guenther (@Markus306) March 27, 2021 scnr

btconfboogie, spotified

Empty row of red seats, in the background the Beyond Tellerrand Logo on a mirror above the bar

Wow. Already seven years ago I had the honor and the privilege to provide the musical backdrop to the Warm-up party of my favorite web design conference. Recently I listened again to the 5 hours and I have to say, this is still *my* kind of music. So today I created a Spotify playlist, and…

Mutable Gallery

Jagged, seemingly hand-drawn scrawls become more complex and tightly knotted moving down the canvas until they begin to form distinct, enumerable ball shapes

This is a generated image, courtesy of Heydon's project, "Mutable Gallery" - a collection of generative art, rendered in SVG, in your browser. I love it.

Felber machen

T-Rex hinterm Plattenspieler. Aus dem Off die Frage: Wer legt auf? Antwort T-Rex: Mach if Felber