My favorite Content Management System turned 10 recently. 🎉

It is kind of ironic that I write these lines in WordPress, I know. But the only reason that this here is on WordPress and not Kirby is… legacy. Since August 2005 I have written nearly 2300 posts, and I'm simply too lazy to migrate this, the categories, the comments, et al, to another system.

But nowadays if I'm free to chose the system for a new website, it either would be KirbyCMS or ProcessWire.

What I really like about both systems: they provide the tools to custom-build content management and both have a powerful API. What I like about Kirby, it totally fits into my way of thinking and building pages - content first, and adding complexity when and only when needed. And it is fun to build with Kirby.

Bastian has written a thorough and personal post about the ten years:

Kirby launched on January 9th, 2012. I abused the Zootool Twitter account to promote it a bit and sent out a newsletter to the beta testers, but that was all the launch marketing I could afford. Twitter worked really well at that point and Kirby managed to get quite some decent coverage. It seemed to hit a nerve at a time when systems started to get more and more complex. The performance in combination with the simple setup and easy to sync local and production environments were getting a lot of attention.

If I recall it right, my first Kirby Website was in 2012/13 for the Open Device Lab Frankfurt.
Time flies.
When you're having fun.

Congrats Bastian and the Kirby-Team, and thanks for the great product & support.