Collecting links from the #btconf Berlin 2022 talks that I listen(ed) to in the stream.

Day one:

All Together Now - Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Inviting People In - Michelle Chin

Pause / Presentation

If you're not scared, you're not living - Vic Lee

Upcoming: 👀 Vic Lee's London (book)

A person's interpretation of a horse, illustrated
A horse drawn from memory

Make it Sound - Tiziana Alocci

Dragon Slayer - Espen Brunborg

Figma Logo captioned: Ce n'est pas un website
A picture of a website is not a website, whatever the tool
What are Web Design Core Skills
… these skills branching out

The reinvention of Normal - Dominic Wilcox

Day Two:

(# Next Generation Emotional Design - Pamela Pavliscak got cancelled) Pragmatic Sketching - Eva Lotta Lamm

Visualising Connections - Nadieh Bremer

The Content Design of Civil Discourse: Turning Conflict into Collaboration - David Thomas

We don't even have the language to describe how to do it right, but we have plenty of words to describe how to do it wrong

Three Rules of Productive Discourse:
1. Neither of us has the answer.
2. Neither of us will win.
3. We are here to create something new.

We need more tools than there are business models for

Less Thinkering, More Tinkering - Gavin Strange

Arcane (Netflix) 👀
Don't make it perfect, make it NOW

All the gear, No idea

Making by Breaking - Dina Amin

Here are two things I am really good at; I move/break things & I play with trash

Make the Impossible Possible - Janis McDavid

I want to live in a world where characteristics that distinguish us do not lead to a distinction.

Thank you to all the speakers, and once again thank you Marc for providing this excellent mix of people, stories and inspirations. I was honoured to play a tiny part by watching over the stream's discussion, and giving support where possibke, but as expected all the nice people attending the conference this way made this an effortless task.