Manuel has completed his self-assigned challenge to post every day for 100 days something about "modern css", and today closes the series with a re-cap.

Starting this project was one of the best and worst ideas I ever had. […] Anyway, I’m glad that I finished it. Especially because I’m someone who tends to abandon their side projects quickly since the next more exciting project is already around the corner. […] I honestly knew nothing about, I don’t know, 80%? of the stuff I wrote about before I did my research.

Congrats, and thanks for doing this, Manuel. :-)

There is so much I learned, new and old, and damn, look how far the "this is only for styling" thing has come these days. I'm in awe for the stamina to see this through (I once had the idea to quickly sketch an daily image and publish it, and stopped this after ~100 days because it became a burden).

Now imagine to actually have to research, learn and write about the stuff, every day - the time this effort takes. This is an amazing achievement.