The silver lining is, after all the chaos and destruction and flight to the fediverse, Twitter doesn’t feel nearly as important now as it did half a year ago. It’s always been Bridgy’s biggest user base, it had a great 11-year run, I never quite expected it to end like this, but here we are.

Without, I would never had my blog / twitter POSSE setup working. From time to time I did a quick check to see if the / twitter API thing still works after their announcement and following rescheduling of the free API's end, and to my surprise I found humming along nicely.

I, too, have moved my 'social' networking to Mastodon, and now with Matthias @pfefferle on board at Automattic, I'm optimistic that WordPress, Activitypub and the fediverse will move closer together.

But the quick exchanges, the reactions and 'reach' among my bubble in pre-Musk Twitter, I will miss this. Most of my timeline has moved over to Mastodon, but it is a different kind of interaction there, and I kind of miss the quick silliness that was part of 'my' Twitter experience. And enabled me to have the best of both worlds, publishing from my blog into Twitter if and when I want to, but, more important for me, pulling back responses on Twitter as reactions under my blog posts here.

Well yes, thanks for all the fish, and again a huge thank you Ryan for all the work with

Wow. This post from 2018 anticipated the inherent problems of the POSSE indieweb principle of using your own site as the hub syndicating content into the "silo" networks, and the reliance of those silos' APIs.