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Babysteps in IndieWeb, pt2

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This is just a test, if my webmention endpoint actually is working. If not, I'll better apply for an account at webmention.io :-)

Babysteps in IndieWeb

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The second day of the 2014 Border:None conference sees me sitting in a brewery cellar, and putting some h-entry and other microformats in the good ol' webrocker theme. Somewhat embarrising is having Mr Jeremy Keith looking at the source code which actually is kind of, hm, messy, having grown more or less organically for more…

The Color Purple

Today, my blog's color scheme changed to a certain color: It will not be enough. Nothing will ever be enough. But it will be something zeldman.com As I tweeted earlier: @meyerweb Your work made all the difference for me when I started way back then. Thank you so much. My thoughts are with you. #663399Becca…

On Critical Mass

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(This is more of a braindump than it is a structured blog post and a cross post of frankfurt.opendevicelab.net) At the second ODL admin meetup, held at the Garage Bilk coworking space one day after the 2014 Beyond Tellerrand conference in Düsseldorf, we discussed, or better started to discuss, the possible need of some kind…

BTConfed, again

Wow. If there's the need to describe my feelings after attending last week's Beyond Tellerrand conference, it's this. Wow. When I first attended my first ever Web-Conference only four years ago, it happened to be the first Beyond Tellerrand, and I've been to all BTConfs that followed, because, well, they're awesome. Addictive. It is hard…

Git for Complete Beginners

Through Anselm Hannemann's newsletter 'Web Development Reading List' I found this very informative and easy to follow step-by-step guide to Git: The goal of this book is to get you started with version control and Git as quickly and easily as possible. Unlike other books about this topic, this one doesn't require a master's degree…

Don't Cross The Line

Here's a little sketch I made a while ago to help me decide what kind of projects I'm willing to engage in. Been near or even under the diagonal line far too often in the past, telling myself over and over again that things will change. No they don't. Change yourself.

(The Pains of) Displaying Random Content Records with Typoscript

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Sometimes TYPO3, the mighty opensource Content Management System with a large community in Europe, drives me crazy. It really is a Love/Hate relationship we're having. I love the fact that you can get everything done with TYPO3 and I hate the fact that sometimes it's so damn complicated to get things done with TYPO3, not…

Pixel, Devicepixel, ppi, and your Mom

Assuming your mom is a designer, working with Photoshop on her fairly new Macbook 15", and putting out comps for "mobile"*. Somehow many of us assumed that an iPhone has a "screensize" of 320 x 480px, an iPad has 768 x 1024px and next up in line we have the laptop screens and desktop screens.…

Smashing Conference, Freiburg, Germany, September 2012

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The first Smashing Conference was the second »web« conference I attended. Having talked with Vitaly Friedman and Marc Thiele at last year's »Beyond Tellerrand«, it was a no-brainer to attend the debut of Smashing Magazine's conference. I was sure that this would be another great opportunity to refill my drained batteries, to catch up with…

The Findings of the Digital Marketing for Small Agencies Survey

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Newfangled, a webdevelopment studio with offices in North Carolina and Rhode Island, interviewed about 300 small agencies about their digital marketing practises. Last month, we began a survey of the digital marketing practices of small agencies in the United States and elsewhere. The survey contained 132 questions, covering the operations, business practices, websites, content marketing,…

The Mobile Shift – the end of small studios?

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[TL:DR] With the cultural change in processes (agile vs. waterfall), the need to educate clients and partners, and the imperative of working early in processes, small studios may lack the financial resources and manpower to fund this pioneering phase. Big agencies on the other hand have the resources, contacts, and the standing to establish new…