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WordPress 6.2 ist da, und ich bin dabei

Link to post WordPress 6.2 ist da, und ich bin dabei

So liebe Leute, jetzt darf ich mich erneut "Core Contributor" nennen, denn ein winziges Stück Code in einer WP-Funktion, die wahrscheinlich ausser mir keiner mehr nutzt, ist nun PHP8+ kompatibel, dank yours truly und in der gerade erschienenen Version 6.2 gelandet. Höhö.

I made a thing: corduroy.rocks Setlist Generator

Link to post I made a thing: corduroy.rocks Setlist Generator

Because I was tired of the endless iterations about the set list in case of an upcoming gig of my acoustic band, this week I made a set list generator for myself and my band mates on our web site. The initial song list is rendered from our @getkirby cms, then sortable.js is thrown at…


Screenshot der Headerillustration mit Gitarrensaiten und Bünden

Die letzten Tage waren etwas ruhiger hier, und die saftige Erkältung, die ich mir beim vorweihnachtlichen Auftritt im Regen geholt hatte, ist auch so weit abgeklungen, dass ich wieder einigermaßen klar denken kann und will. Daher habe ich mich einer Sache angenommen, die ich bestimmt schon seit drölf Jahren immer mal wieder wissen wollte, es…

(Simple) CSS Grid Layout System

Link to post (Simple) CSS Grid Layout System

Here's my codepen around a neat and simple css grid 12 columns layout system I am currently testing / playing around with in different content management systems: It is all very brief and rough around the edges, but I am already stoked how the combination of inline-style css custom properties style="--span:6" and template-column: span var(--span)…

ProcessWire: Use unpublished pages in Page Relation Field

Link to post ProcessWire: Use unpublished pages in Page Relation Field

Another wtf moment that cost me quite some time to find out. And, as usual with such problems, once you know how to ask the right question, the answer and solution is just round the corner, or in this case, literally right in front of your eyes - aka RTFM! :-) In ProcessWire, there is…

TYPO3: Update v10 -> v11 htaccess changes

Link to post TYPO3: Update v10 -> v11 htaccess changes

This small issue "costed" me some hours of lifetime, so maybe this saves someone else's time: An otherwise perfectly fine working freshly updated TYPO3 v11.5.x, updated from v10.4.x, threw 404 errors after hitting "login" on the /typo3/ login-page. Due to circumstances on that web hosting server, I had a hard time finding out that this…

Post thumbnail fallbacks in SVG with generated colors based on categories

Link to post Post thumbnail fallbacks in SVG with generated colors based on categories

Today I made a litte rainy sunday afternoon excercise for this site: A SVG fallback image for the list/archives pages, if no post-thumbnail image is defined. I had a generic fallback image - a greyscale version of the header graphic with the guitar strings - for a while now, but this was a bit boring.…

The Beauty of Bézier Curves - Freya Holmér

Beautiful indeed! This presentation by Freya Holmér. 🤓🤗 I love tweaking vector shapes for my illustration work, and have developed a gut feeling where and how to tweak those handles on path tools, but now I finally start to get the math behind these.

10 Years Kirby CMS

The Kirby Logo: K in a hexagon

My favorite Content Management System turned 10 recently. 🎉 It is kind of ironic that I write these lines in WordPress, I know. But the only reason that this here is on WordPress and not Kirby is… legacy. Since August 2005 I have written nearly 2300 posts, and I'm simply too lazy to migrate this,…

The NFT Report - Brad Troemel

Link to post The NFT Report - Brad Troemel

This to me is one of the best descriptions of the situation around NFT, and why the art world is going in, alongside with the silicon valley.

Beyond Tellerrand Conference, 8./9.11.21, Düsseldorf + Livestream

Cup with beautiful 10th aniversry Logo drawn by Vic Lee

The 10th iteration of my favorite (web|design|development|biggerpicture) conference is about to open doors in a few minutes. This year this is an extraordinary event - due to the Covid-19 situation last year it was cancelled, and with the current surge of the "fourth wave" with never-before seen high amount of new infections currently in Germany,…

I made a thing: Cistercian Numerals Calendar

Recently I discovered the Cistercian Numerals. There were a couple of tweets over the last days that showed the ciphers. I never had heard about this numbering system, but immediatly it grabbed my attention, because it was so simple, but the result looks very interesting. Since there are only a few rules that distinguish the…