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img with background-image

Link to post img with background-image

Yes, this seems to work*. O_o See the Pen Image with Background Image (yes you read that right) by Tom (@webrocker) on CodePen. I wondered if I could use a background image for a transparent png I used in a recent blog post, and decided to give it a try and not making a wrapper…

Pimp My Site - wmfra.de

Link to post Pimp My Site - wmfra.de

(den folgenden Text habe ich für das Blog der Webmontag Frankfurt Website geschrieben und dort zuerst veröffentlicht) "Performance plays a major role in the success of any online venture." - developers.google.com Aufmerksamen Besuchern der WMFRA-Site ist es vielleicht aufgefallen: Die Website lädt schneller als voher und an einigen Details hat sich etwas verändert. Mitte April…

WordPress 5.4.1 Security Update

Colourful pins wih WordPress W logo

Gestern ist ein Sicherheits-Upate für das vor knapp vier Wochen erschienene 5.4er WordPress erschienen, und die Auto-Updates rollen gerade aus. Auch die älteren Versionen, 5.3 und 4.9 bis runter zu 3.7(!) werden versorgt. Also ran an die Updategeräte, falls Ihr Auto-Updates nicht aktiviert habt (weil Teufelszeug und so).

CSS Naked Day 2020

Today my site looks unstyled*. The reason behind the #cssnaked day is: Good sites work, even when the "pretty" visual layer is removed. It is one of the super powers of the web and good html-markup: The elements' browser defaults may not look pretty, but their function is intact. Sadly this functional aspect is often…

WordPress 5.4 ist da

Colourful pins wih WordPress W logo

Eine neue "große" Version ist gestern erschienen: WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” Erwartungsgemäss (oder in meinem Fall: wie befürchtet) haben sich die Macher weiter und tiefer auf den Ausbau und die Funktionen des neuen Editors "Gutenberg" konzentriert. Wie üblich werde ich noch ein oder zwei "minor" Versionen abwarten, bevor ich aktualisiere und ersteinmal schauen, was so an…

Visitors, Developers, or Machines - Garrett Dimon

Link to post Visitors, Developers, or Machines - Garrett Dimon

Here is food for thought: is the rise and popularity of JavaScript frameworks and, as a result, websites that are less resilient and more user hostile, a product of throwing user experience under the bus for the sake of developer happiness?

Hydration - Jeremy Keith

Link to post Hydration - Jeremy Keith

Jeremy once again about the advantages (and misconceptions) of the Progressive Enhancement approach, 2020 edition, in light of SSR and 'Hydration'. I find (t)his layered approach and the rule of least power so, so much convincing and 'natural' for what the web and browsers are good at. But then again I am old enough to…

Today, the Trident Era Ends - Christian Schaefer

Link to post Today, the Trident Era Ends - Christian Schaefer

This is a must-read for all web dev people. Plenty of info on the poineering that was done with Internet Explorer at a time where we, the web tinkerers, weren't quite there yet.

TIL: TYPO3 TypoScript conditions / include files gotchas

Link to post TIL: TYPO3 TypoScript conditions / include files gotchas

Today I struggled with a problem concerning TypoScript conditions and included files. ‪I'm wrestling with TYPO3 for about 16 years now, and yet sometimes the most basic stuff trips me, like accidently creating nested conditions by including TypoScript files inside a condition‬. In a setup.typoscript file I had several includes, and additionally I wanted to…

WordPress 5.2.4 Security Update

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Using Framework Powers For Good - Marcus Herrmann

Link to post Using Framework Powers For Good - Marcus Herrmann

Marcus has compiled a great collection of ways how (js) frameworks, which are often blamed for being responsible for unaccessible sites, can actually help in getting things right, a11y-wise.

WordPress filter for lazy loading src

Chris Coyier (@css) has shared a code snippet that will add loading="lazy" to every scr=" instance in WordPress's content. But this will replace every instance, not only in img or iframe tags, which can lead to some unwanted replacements. Here's my version for that filter: // in theme’s functions.php or a plugin function wbr_add_lazy_loading($content){ $content…