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Thoughts on Generative AI Art - tante.cc

Link to post Thoughts on Generative AI Art - tante.cc

Tantes article is well worth your time: Just yesterday during our daily walk I discussed the impact of "AI" on 'creative' jobs with my friend Oli, and it very quickly turned into a discussion about what is seen as 'creative' in the industry (hello 'content creators', hello stock photography or -illustration, hello marketing lingo) vs.…

Border:None 2023

A look from the back of the venue towards the stage, a room filled with people and a screen saying Border None: Good Morning

Ten years ago, the first Border:None Conference happened in Nuremberg. And ten years later, Joschi and Marc had the idea to invite back all the speakers, with the topic of how and what changed in those ten years. Ten years ago, this was a one day event. This time, Joschi and Marc decided that, also…

Design in the Browser!

I nearly missed this article by Matthias Ott - The New CSS: Hear hear! Using graphic design / layout tools to 'design' user interfaces is a misconception. Those tools are wonderful to create artifacts to get into the discussion how a website may 'look', and to a lesser extend how it 'behaves'. But often those…


Merkwürdige Menschenfigur steht vor der Alm. Kopf sieht aus wie von einer Deth Metal Band

Ich habe mir gerade die Adobe Photoshop Beta runtergeladen und gaanz kurz mit dem neuen "generative Fill" rum gespielt, basierend auf einem Photo, das ich vor ein paar Jahren mal im Urlaub geknipst habe. So gings los:

RIP Frank Kozik

… ach du sch… Gerade eben erfahre ich, dass Frank Kozik, Großmeister der Rockposter Art, mit nur 61 Jahren gestorben ist. Das erste Mal ist mir ein "Kozik" auf dem Cover der Houdini der Melvins begegnet und dann habe ich Mitte/Ende der 90er angefangen, Siebdrucke und 10" Vinyls von Kozik, bzw. seinem Label "Man's Ruin…


A bunch of tin toy robots

Also wenn meine Site hier schon zum Training von LLMs benutzt wird, ist es nur fair, wenn ich so ein Ding mal für mich arbeiten lasse, oder? Es ist ja nichts schwieriger, als eine "About Me" Seite zu schreiben, also wenn man selbst über sich selbst schreiben soll. Was kommt wohl raus, wenn ich Chat-GPT…

btconf-ed, again

Cozy lamp on table, Btconf screen in the background

Wow. The last two days flew by in a breeze. I resurfaced at an in-person event after missing out for three years, and boy, how good this feels.


Link to post Atomteller

Zum heutigen Tag, an dem die letzten Atomkraftwerke in Deutschland vom Netz gehen, wurde mir gerade ein äusserst passender Link in die Timeline gespült: Das ist ganz überaus großartig, finde ich.

100DaysOfMoreOrLessModernCSS - Manuel Matuzovic

Link to post 100DaysOfMoreOrLessModernCSS - Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel has completed his self-assigned challenge to post every day for 100 days something about "modern css", and today closes the series with a re-cap. Congrats, and thanks for doing this, Manuel. :-) There is so much I learned, new and old, and damn, look how far the "this is only for styling" thing has…


Link to post Langenselbold

Beyond Tellerrand 2022 Berlin - Notes

Link to post Beyond Tellerrand 2022 Berlin - Notes

Collecting links from the #btconf Berlin 2022 talks that I listen(ed) to in the stream. Day one: All Together Now - Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino Microsoft Green Design Principles carbonliteracy.com Inviting People In - Michelle Chin michelletchin.net Pause / Presentation Blockchain poster If you're not scared, you're not living - Vic Lee Upcoming: 👀 Vic Lee's London…

When you're invisible …

A wall of lego bricks

… it's eeeaasyyy… 🎶 This is a song by Danko Jones and besides being a very good rock song, it has nothing to do with the topic of this post*, but I recommend that you listen to it while you are reading this. :-) *Or has it? Over the last two days I again attended…