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Jessica Dobson - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Link to post Jessica Dobson - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

The voices. The guitar, the (cover) songs… I'm totally blown away by this performance on International Womens Day 2019 on KEXP.


Illustration eines Bibers mit Briefumschlag im Maul

Ich glaub ich muss der #Biberpost einmal Bescheid geben das es so nicht geht. Dann sollen sie lieber klingeln! pic.twitter.com/CHefUDonqi — Markus Guenther (@Markus306) March 27, 2021 scnr

btconfboogie, spotified

Empty row of red seats, in the background the Beyond Tellerrand Logo on a mirror above the bar

Wow. Already seven years ago I had the honor and the privilege to provide the musical backdrop to the Warm-up party of my favorite web design conference. Recently I listened again to the 5 hours and I have to say, this is still *my* kind of music. So today I created a Spotify playlist, and…

Mutable Gallery

Jagged, seemingly hand-drawn scrawls become more complex and tightly knotted moving down the canvas until they begin to form distinct, enumerable ball shapes

This is a generated image, courtesy of Heydon's project, "Mutable Gallery" - a collection of generative art, rendered in SVG, in your browser. I love it.


Illustration einer Krabbe mit Krebbel als Körper

Merkhilfe zur Bezeichnung der Kreppel hier.

Why The IndieWeb? - Heydon Pickering

An illustrated squirrel looks at a trail of acorns

Heydon's "Webbed Briefs" are thouroughly enjoyable, so please sit back, hop over to his site and learn something about something that's very dear to me. The web and the mess it has become in parts.

I made a thing: Cistercian Numerals Calendar

Recently I discovered the Cistercian Numerals. There were a couple of tweets over the last days that showed the ciphers. I never had heard about this numbering system, but immediatly it grabbed my attention, because it was so simple, but the result looks very interesting. Since there are only a few rules that distinguish the…

Nanu two

Bernie & Bernie's Mittens among BeyondTellerrand audience

Der komische Typ verfolgt mich schon länger anscheinend; sogar auf meiner Lieblingskonferenz. (Original-Foto: M.Ott)


Gerade nochmal genauer hingeschaut bei der 22. #TageslichtRunde da unter der Autobahn am Ostpark. Da sind ja immer mal komische Typen, gell.


Bunte Kinderrutsche in einem verschneiten Garten

Noch eine Momentaufnahme der 17. #TageslichtRunde 2021. Hoffnung ist nicht tot, sie macht nur Winterschlaf.


Eine Figur aus Schnee mit einer Halskette aus Beeren

Kleine Begegnung auf der 17. #TageslichtRunde 2021, diesmal rund um den Lohrberg, über Seckbach und den Heiligenstock.

In Critical Defense of Frontend Development - Jens Oliver Meiert

Link to post In Critical Defense of Frontend Development - Jens Oliver Meiert

Hear hear! This great article about the craft of Frontend Development by Jens starts with a bang: Frontend development is a field that’s not unfamiliar with being misunderstood, and its value being underestimated or missed Oh yes. At first, FE was seen as some variation of Desktop Publishing. "Real" designers would ponder about the (visual)…