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Border:None 2023

A look from the back of the venue towards the stage, a room filled with people and a screen saying Border None: Good Morning

Ten years ago, the first Border:None Conference happened in Nuremberg. And ten years later, Joschi and Marc had the idea to invite back all the speakers, with the topic of how and what changed in those ten years. Ten years ago, this was a one day event. This time, Joschi and Marc decided that, also…

Babysteps in IndieWeb, pt2

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This is just a test, if my webmention endpoint actually is working. If not, I'll better apply for an account at webmention.io :-)

Babysteps in IndieWeb

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The second day of the 2014 Border:None conference sees me sitting in a brewery cellar, and putting some h-entry and other microformats in the good ol' webrocker theme. Somewhat embarrising is having Mr Jeremy Keith looking at the source code which actually is kind of, hm, messy, having grown more or less organically for more…