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Border:None 2023

A look from the back of the venue towards the stage, a room filled with people and a screen saying Border None: Good Morning

Ten years ago, the first Border:None Conference happened in Nuremberg. And ten years later, Joschi and Marc had the idea to invite back all the speakers, with the topic of how and what changed in those ten years. Ten years ago, this was a one day event. This time, Joschi and Marc decided that, also…

#catember 8 - reasons.to remix

Day 8 of #catember is a "thank you" for @johnnybelmont and the team that set up such an amazing program for the tenth aniversary of the "reasons.to" conference. And of course to the speakers as well. I'm very glad that I finally made it to Bighton to attend this 3day monster of a conference, it…

Play & Make Conference, Düsseldorf 9. - 10.12.2013

Link to post Play & Make Conference, Düsseldorf 9. - 10.12.2013

Das wars, mein Konferenzjahr ist rum, das selbst auferlegte Weiterbildungsbudget schon überstrapaziert und deshalb gibts dieses Jahr auch keine Weihnachtsgeschenke. Ich muss gestehen, ich habe lange überlegt, ob ich auf die "Play & Make" Konferenz gehen will oder nicht. Einerseits war mir klar, dass eine weitere "Marc Thiele Production" auf jeden Fall eine hingehenswerte Sache…

Smashing Conference, Freiburg, Germany, September 2012

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The first Smashing Conference was the second »web« conference I attended. Having talked with Vitaly Friedman and Marc Thiele at last year's »Beyond Tellerrand«, it was a no-brainer to attend the debut of Smashing Magazine's conference. I was sure that this would be another great opportunity to refill my drained batteries, to catch up with…