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From Blog to Blocks oder wie mein CMS und ich uns immer weiter auseinanderleben

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Gestern hat WordPress ein kleines Update (also von 6.2.x zu 6.2.y) ausgerollt, was sich bei aktiviertem Auto-Update selbstständig installiert hat. Darin wurde u.a. eine Sicherheitslücke gestopft, und generell geht man ja davon aus, dass solche kleinen Updates nix kaputt machen und rückwärtskompatibel sind.

When you're invisible …

A wall of lego bricks

… it's eeeaasyyy… 🎶 This is a song by Danko Jones and besides being a very good rock song, it has nothing to do with the topic of this post*, but I recommend that you listen to it while you are reading this. :-) *Or has it? Over the last two days I again attended…

Markup, friends, markup

Link to post Markup, friends, markup

This morning a tweet by Heydon Pickering landed in my timeline, where he quoted a text that started 10 things to learn for becoming a solid full-stack JavaScript developer, only to include a paragraph As for HTML, there's not much to learn right away and you can kind of learn as you go, but before…

On Design Tools and Processes - Viljami Salminen

Link to post On Design Tools and Processes - Viljami Salminen

For the past year(s) I’ve been chasing for answers. Looking for new tools, thinking about design processes and figuring out what design really means to me. At times I’ve felt so disconnected with our pro­cesses that I’ve wondered if my career choice was right. For a field rooted in the fine arts this period of…