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Indiewebcamp sign at the fence to the Tollwerk building

Today I used the Activitypub Plugin by @pfefferle to make this website a part of the fediverse. For example, you now can follow my blog on Mastodon by searching for "@blog@webrocker.de", and you should receive my posts directly in your home stream. The implementation was fairly easy, I only had some initial issues with the…

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf, Day 2

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Sitting in my hotel room, watching the sun rise, while some people are having a good time at a party that's happening right next to the hotel… In the basement right next to the hotel a party is still growing strong at this hour. and they're into deep bass. oomp oomp. oh yeah — Tom…

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf

Right now I'm sitting in the very (very!) nice atrium of Sipgate GmbH in Düsseldorf, and the #Indiewebcamp just started. Aaron, Tantek, Jeremy, and other Indiewebcampers are demoing their websites, and -- surprise -- there is a picture of me in good company, having a good time, on Jeremy's site. I'm excited to be here,…

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf

Indiewebcamp Logo stickers

After having a splendit time last weekend helping and participating at the Indiewebcamp Nuremberg (as a result of which I know have a 'progressive web app' where before there was only my website ;), I changed my travel plans around the visit of the Beyond Tellerrand conference, and will attend the next Indiewebcamp in Düsseldorf.…

Indiewebcamp, Nürnberg, Tag 2

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Code code code Service Worker code code code. Coffee. Code code code some more… and testing webmentions - hi Frederic! Food. Nom. Listening to Barnaby playing his Hurdy-Gurdy (very cool!)… Code Code… und: huhu Steffen! Code code code… h-card markup + svg testing… Code some more… Self-Mention-Test auf Homepage… code code code rehi Steffen, welcome…


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Let's see which of the webmention.rocks tests this site, running on worpdress with some of the indieweb plugins (semantic-linkbacks, webmention, webmention-form, webactions), will pass… Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3 | Test 4 | Test 5 | Test 6 | Test 7 | Test 8 | Test 9 | Test 10 | Test…

Indiewebcamp Nuremberg

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I'm going to the Indiewebcamp Nuremberg, which will start today. :)