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The quiet, pervasive devaluation of frontend - Josh Collinsworth

Link to post The quiet, pervasive devaluation of frontend - Josh Collinsworth

Here is a long article that's well worth your time, on the perception of the craft of front end development. Lots of quote-worthy thoughts in there. And many more.

Thoughts on Generative AI Art - tante.cc

Link to post Thoughts on Generative AI Art - tante.cc

Tantes article is well worth your time: Just yesterday during our daily walk I discussed the impact of "AI" on 'creative' jobs with my friend Oli, and it very quickly turned into a discussion about what is seen as 'creative' in the industry (hello 'content creators', hello stock photography or -illustration, hello marketing lingo) vs.…

Keep on Posting in the Free Web

Link to post Keep on Posting in the Free Web

The news of the shut-down of one of (my) oldest got-to places on the web, the "Fender Discussion Pages", has made me think, again, about how the web has changed. Hey Hey, my my content on the web will never die… I am a strong advocat for 'owning your content' and having a personal web…

Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2019

Empty row of red seats, in the background the Beyond Tellerrand Logo on a mirror above the bar

For the ninth year I attended this great small conference about Web, Design and going beyond. Here are some notes and thoughts. Maybe I polish it later, but I want to get this out of my head. These moments stuck with me - which does not mean that any talk that is not mentioned here…

Eight Years Beyond Tellerrand

This will be a short blog post, because I want to get out some thoughts as quickly as possible, not waiting for that time that never comes in which I sit and craft a well written lengthy text. Which is why I didn't blog for some years now after I visited Marc Thieles phantastic event,…

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf, Day 2

Link to post Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf, Day 2

Sitting in my hotel room, watching the sun rise, while some people are having a good time at a party that's happening right next to the hotel… In the basement right next to the hotel a party is still growing strong at this hour. and they're into deep bass. oomp oomp. oh yeah — Tom…

The Mobile Shift – the end of small studios?

Link to post The Mobile Shift – the end of small studios?

[TL:DR] With the cultural change in processes (agile vs. waterfall), the need to educate clients and partners, and the imperative of working early in processes, small studios may lack the financial resources and manpower to fund this pioneering phase. Big agencies on the other hand have the resources, contacts, and the standing to establish new…