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Test 4/3 (yes, I know...) same as before, but longer text, hence a back link, hopefully. the character count now exceeds the 140 charcters limit by some chars.

Test 3/3: This again should get a back link, if the character count exceeds the 140 chars limit minus some for the link itself.

Test 2/3: This should not get a back link

test test, one two, one two (1/3) if my bridgy-publish set up works again.
this should get a backlink to the status on my post.

the C in CSS, it is not 'component'.

(my recent web dev timeline in a nutshell; everyone seems to have a strong opinion around that fact)

Just activated php7 in my blog. webpagetest.org finally rewarded timeto1stbyte with a letter (C), down to 840ms where before it was 4s.

Currently listening to the very good #btconf edition of @workingdraft . Good stuff inside. #teamweb

E ciao Marcello!

Sorry to miss out on the 2016 IndieWeb Summit, but wishing everybody attending a jolly good time

@m_ott ha, interestingly your tweet here triggered a "homepage mention" on my site, and one on the article too :-)

Finally managed to tweak the display of my webmention comments, including avatars + content of mentions. Itch scratched. :)