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@m_ott ha, interestingly your tweet here triggered a "homepage mention" on my site, and one on the article too :-)

Finally managed to tweak the display of my webmention comments, including avatars + content of mentions. Itch scratched. :)

testing bridgys new implementation of self-mentioning w/o adding the @-reply

I once was a post in a blog and now am a tweet.

yet another posse test. testing how to get back the resulting tweet's id the moment it gets posted

If this works, this should be a reply to the previous possed status. If not, well, back to the coding shed…

And another test of the POSSE/indieweb/bridgy thing. Sry for the bother.

Just a small test for my blog-to-twitter indieweb implementation.

[^blog] Further tweaking the things I started last week @indiewebcamp . The great thing about having your own playground: You have your own playground and even if you break something, you'll learn loads about the inner workings of the stuff that fires your site.
Even if I wear no mohawk and never did, this punk attidude of just doing shit on your own terms sits very very well with me, even after all these decades… <3

me and the POSSE, we've still got a long way to go. But the first baby steps are in place :)

What gives this grumpy old front end designer hope is that now even 'visual' designers start to educate their peers on this iterative thing we're trying to land for years.
making a note to send all 'designers' to @_lilchen s talk https://vimeo.com/165950912

Just another webmention test; going out to Steffen