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Jeremy, thanks for the thanks!
It was a pleasure meeting you, and I am glad that I could help you solve that rewrite thing.
Upon reflecting, I think that the escaping backslash is only needed on the capturing side, not the rewrite side, so this rule

RewriteRule (wp\/?)$ \/ [R=301,L]

may become this one

RewriteRule (wp\/?)$ / [R=301,L]

Upon further reflecting I think the escaping backshlash is not needed at all when in .htaccess rewrites - it usually is needed in regular expressions where the "boundaries" of the expression have to be set, which usually is a forward slash. "/^(.*)$/" for example.
In .htaccess rewrites those boundary chars are not needed, so a forward slash I think can be used un-escaped:

RewriteRule (wp/?)$ / [R=301,L]

Close-up view of the chalk board for the session planning with chalk lines and post-its

This is a short test if my implementation of @pfefferle ActivityPub plugin works. One of my self-asigned tasks for today's "get stuff done" day on the indiewebcamp is making my website follow-able from the fediverse. I had a kind-of-working implementation via fed.brid.gy, but I am curious how the full-on, lets publish every post "there" thingie…

sporadic test to see if the twitter api is still working, as of 2023-02-14

check to see how posting to twitter via brid.gy fares today, 2023-02-09 (after twitter closing the api access)

das habe ich gerade in einer $kunden code base als kommentar gefunden:

 *   Dass dieser Code so ist, wie er ist, ist z.T. dessen geschuldet,
 *   dass es nie zu einem Auftrag/einer Übereinkunft kam, dass ganze
 *   System neu anzulegen. Es war stets ein Flicken und Reparieren und Erweitern
 *   des über die Jahre gewachsenen Codes. Dieser war schon ausgesprochen
 *   chaotisch und z.T. dilettantisch, als wir dazustießen. Ich habe jederzeit 
 *   mein Bestes gegeben, das System unter diesen Bedingungen lauffähig 
 *   zu halten, aber nie den Auftrag erhalten, aufzuräumen bzw.
 *   es komplett neu schreiben zu dürfen.  

@jkphl nannte uns vor ein paar Jahren mal die "bad bank der deutschen webentwicklung", weil wir ein Talent haben, die verkacktesten $kunden Projekte zu erben… und es dann auch noch schaffen, die Dinger zu retten.
Aber manchmal, da fragt man sich wirklich, warum man sich das eigentlich gibt.
KMU Web ist echt ein Dumpsterfire 🔥 zuweilen.


check check toot toot

sorry, yet another test. I updated the indie web plugins on my (wordpress) blog, and now this one, Syndication Links by David Shanske, should publish this post to Mastodon and Twitter via brid.gy, without me adding markup to the post, but checking check boxes in the editor. 🤓

Screenshot WordPress Editor Metabox with options checked to publish into Twitter and Mastodon

Nice, that worked. this text is an answer sent from my website to the syndicated post on mastodon.
it should not feature a back link to the ost on my website. 🤓

This text should show up on my website, and from there, get syndicated to twitter and mastodon.
since it is a test, it may get deleted later on those platforms. To make things interesting, I also added a test picture.
A pencil illustraton of a cartoony pumpkin

Is this on?

Well well well… now that the world's richest person wants to buy twitter, there's (again) a rush among the inhabitants of my twitter timeline to alternative ways of, hm, "twitter".
Like in 2018, when I, too, created an account on a Mastodon instance (only to let it go silent after a few attempts).
For several years now I'm using my website here from time to time as the source for, hm, "tweets", in the spirit of the IndieWeb. But, the ease and immediate interaction/reaction to stuff that I put out directly on twitter is still much more to my liking. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
Anyway, this is yet another nudge to be very thoughtful about where "my" content lives, and having my own site here, it should naturally be the place. Even if there's no one here directly to read my ramblings. We'll see.

my silly svg header with the guitar strings got webrocker.de featured in the Whimsical Website Club and this makes me very happy. I long for the playfulness of the early days of making stuff on the web. fun for the fun of it. now we have the technology and more powerful devices at our hands,…